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Find out more about Joining the Millwrights, or contact us online.

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We invite members, contractors, owners, and anyone interested in the Millwright trade to explore what this organization is about, what it has to offer, and what it strives to do for you. Millwright work is mostly industrial and involves the installation, assembly, erection, repair, maintenance, rigging, lifting, dismantling and replacement of machinery, as well as heavy equipment used in almost every industry.

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Examples of where you will find millwrights working are: Power Plants, Chemical Plants, Hydro-Electric Plants, Aluminum Plants, Compressor Stations, Paper Mills, Wood Processing Plants, Automobile Assembly Plants, Plastic Plants, Wind Turbine Farms, Steel Mills, Sewage Plants, Locks and Dams, and Water Treatment Plants.

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Our self funded training program provides our members with the finest skills-development courses in the industry. We offer a professionally skilled, safety trained, productive workforce to our contractors and facility owners. Apprentices go through a 5 year apprenticeship program being trained in the use of highly precise technical equipment with Journeyman upgrade training to all members being available throughout their careers. No matter which jobs union millwrights are performing, union contractors can be certain that their union millwrights are trained and skilled in the most up-to-date mathematical, mechanical, and technical work methods. These skills are put in use to ensure the owners equipment runs properly and efficiently, the contractor finishes his job on time and under budget, and to the highest standard of quality workmanship, so that our members can earn fair wages, good benefits and have dignity in work and retirement.